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Healthcare Innovation - CareRxConnect™

“Pharmaceuticals are the most common medical intervention, and their potential for both help and harm is enormous. Ensuring that the American people get the most benefit from advances in pharmacology is a critical component of improving the national health care system.”

Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science. Informing the Future: Critical Issues in Health. 4th ed.:13

The Institute of Medicine cited that only 10 percent of total health care costs are spent on medications; yet when appropriately used, their ability to control disease, morbidity, and to impact overall costs are enormous. Additionally, inpatient admissions and emergency department utilization can be dramatically reduced with improved patient understanding as well as compliance with medication plans.

Given the need to reach those who are most prone to experiencing medication problems, PCI's clinical pharmacists outreach to serve individuals who reside in residential settings.  Residential settings include the home, assisted living, personal-care, and specialty-care group homes.

We are accomplishing this outreach through an innovative model called CareRxConnect™. The program serves individuals who have complex care plans and is designed to:

  • Improve health and quality of life, individual by individual, by ensuring that patients obtain the maximum benefit from their medications 
  • Reduce the occurrence of medication-caused inpatient admissions and emergency department visits
  • Ensure that individuals receive efficacious medications at reasonable cost

Please let us show and prove how the CareRxConnect™ comprehensive medication therapy management system can assist individuals with complex care plans who reside at home or in alternative residential settings.  Our services contribute to lower hospitalization rates.

PCI Services

CareRxConnect™ is an outreach program for patients who reside at home or in other residential settings. The PCI team serves as a valuable member of the clinical team and consults with other care providers to create a medication plan that promotes patient outcomes, comfort level, and sense of well-being. The PCI professionals proactively work with the entire care team and the dispensing pharmacy to resolve questions regarding need, efficacy, dosage, therapeutic and generic substitution, or other medication-related issues. PCI clinicians also educate patients and family members on medications. Through CareRxConnect™ PCI staff:

  • Develop comprehensive drug profiles
  • Conduct medication reconciliations
  • Assess patients' medication-related histories, needs, experiences, concerns, questions, and understanding
  • Identifies a patient's medication-related problems
  • Assesses medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and patient compliance
  • Coordinate the medication plan according to the therapeutic goals of the patient's physicians
  • Creates a patient compliance and follow-up program
  • Educates the patient and care givers
  • Serves as the pharmaceutical consultant to other members of the care team

Please contact us to learn more about CareRxConnect™.